Barberry soup


۳۰۰ grams of chicken breast

۱۵۰ grams of chopped parsley

۱۰۰ grams of chopped mushroom

۲ tablespoons tomato paste

۲ tablespoons wheat flour

۳ tablespoons lemon juice

۲۰۰ grams of barberry

۱ onion

۱۰۰ grams of carrot

۸۰ grams of potato

Half a cup of liquid oil

Spices (salt and pepper) as needed

How to prepare:
To prepare barberry soup, you must first chop the onions finely. Then pour them with oil into the pot to fry. Then chop the chicken breast finely and pour it into the pot. Roast the chicken well with the onions. Then pour the wheat flour with the chicken or meat broth into the pot. Then chop the carrots and potatoes into small pieces and add them to the contents of the pot. Let the pot rest on a low heat for 2 hours until the ingredients are well cooked. Then pour the mushrooms with half of the barberry, spices and tomato paste into the pot. When the soup is well cooked, add lemon juice and parsley to the pot containing the soup. Now your barberry soup is ready and you can decorate it with the rest of the barberry.



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