Saffron chinjeh kebab


Thigh meat or mutton fillet 1 kg with some mutton tail

۲ onions

۳ medium limes

۳ tablespoons olive oil

Grinded saffron as needed

Sweet pepper as needed

How to prepare:

To prepare saffron chinjeh kebab, you must first cut the thigh or mutton fillet into equal sizes with a diameter of 2 cm. Then, while grating the onions with a fine grater, pour them into a bowl of yogurt. Squeeze the lemons and mix well with salt, pepper and olive oil. Now pour the meats with saffron and a mixture of lemon juice and yogurt that you have made into a bowl and mix well. Close the jar and let it rest in the fridge for a few hours to soften the meat. Then beat the meat a little with the back of a knife and then pull it to the skewer. In order to prevent the kebab from burning, you can put some tails in it after placing a few pieces of meat on the skewer. You can also put chopped sweet peppers with the tail side by side with the meat to give the kebabs a pleasant taste.

In order not to dry the kebab, the heat of the coals on the grill or barbecue should be mild. After skewering the kebab, place them on the barbecue. During cooking, try turning the skewers several times to prevent the meat from drying out. Finally, remove the skewers from the barbecue before the meat is dry.

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