Honey soap

Honey soap is rich in fats and nutrients that nourish your skin. Due to the presence of glycerin, this soap eliminates dead skin and youthful skin. Also, this wonderful soap has more moisturizing power due to having raw organic honey and makes the skin fresh.


Glycerin (melted soap base)

Organic honey

Suitable microwave dish

bar of soap

How to prepare: To make honey soap, first cut your glycerin (soap base) into cubes and then put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds to melt completely, you need at least 589.6 grams of glycerin and about 28.3 grams of honey for each soap. . After the glycerin is completely melted, add honey to it, and mix them well, and then pour it into your desired molds and place it in a suitable place to cool and harden.

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